Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Team GB Olympic Nails

I'm heading down to London to watch the men's and women's beach volleyball tomorrow evening and I'm getting rather excited. Even though I won't actually be watching team GB play I thought I'd show my support by applying some awesome Union Jack nail wraps. They were super easy to apply and there's spares if you go wrong (16 wraps in total) but it still took me about 30 mins (I was a first-timer). The instructions were a bit vague but I basically stuck them on, trimmed them with a nail file or scissors if they were too wide then finished with a clear top coat.

Team GB Olympic Nails

Rimmel London Instant Art nail wraps

Friday, 13 July 2012

Black Studded Loafers

I bought these shoes hoping they would be the methadone to my Jeffery Campbell Martini (here) addiction.
I am a poor, poor student who cannot be spending £105 on shoes. However, I can spend £15.99 on a pair of massively inferior lookalikes. I say 'lookalikes'... They're not. But they are black and they do have studs so until I win the lottery (I have a ticket for tonight so pray for me) these will have to do.

I really dislike faux leather shoes but I couldn't find any alternatives- I know Topshop do some but the leather ones are always sold out and i don't like the canvas ones. Aaaaannnyway, they look good for fake leather and they were cheap-ish so I'm happy.

They're by 'Truffle' from a shop called Prague in Leeds. I found them on eBay (here) if you're interested but they're slightly more expensive.

black studded loafers