Friday, 13 July 2012

Black Studded Loafers

I bought these shoes hoping they would be the methadone to my Jeffery Campbell Martini (here) addiction.
I am a poor, poor student who cannot be spending £105 on shoes. However, I can spend £15.99 on a pair of massively inferior lookalikes. I say 'lookalikes'... They're not. But they are black and they do have studs so until I win the lottery (I have a ticket for tonight so pray for me) these will have to do.

I really dislike faux leather shoes but I couldn't find any alternatives- I know Topshop do some but the leather ones are always sold out and i don't like the canvas ones. Aaaaannnyway, they look good for fake leather and they were cheap-ish so I'm happy.

They're by 'Truffle' from a shop called Prague in Leeds. I found them on eBay (here) if you're interested but they're slightly more expensive.

black studded loafers

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  1. These are cute! I would kill for the Jeffrey Campbell ones though x